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600 bce hoor2“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”


Our special Ecclesia, the Holy Thelemic Church, was originally founded by three individuals — Fra.’.Aurum Therion, Sor.’.Anadra, and myself — back in 1989 Era Vulgari, the 85th Year of the New Age of the Divinity of Man (i.e. Horus, symbolizing the deification of the nobler elements of the beastly or egoic nature of mankind).  It was begun, back then, as a simple fellowship of a mere few, for the celebration of the Law of Thelema they had come to love and to which they were devoted, but also to assist them to achieve contact with praeternatural Intelligences, also known as Mahatmas or Illuminated Minds, for a purpose no less exalted than to better equip them to carry out their Great Work — that is to say, the realization of True Wisdom and Perfect Happiness, and the accomplishment of our mission, i.e., promulgation of the glad word of “Do what thou wilt”, and propagation of the way of “love under will”.  This has, in fact, become our slogan in our secular mission:  “Promulgation of the word of Do What Thou Wilt, Propagation of the way of Love Under Will”.  Back then, even in that early period, I was certain in my will to carry on the Apostolic tradition in a Thelemic community on this planet, not on the basis of my own, personal revelation, but based on what was revealed through others (who had no way of possibly knowing anything on the matter, just as I had not) — at first, Sor.’.Anadra (an Oracle of our Church)  and Fra.’.Aurum, of course, but later there were others.  Signs are easy to see when they are wanted; and others, who see fantastic visions, may well be captivated by whatever force of the cult of personality in which they may be drawn.  So it should not be assumed that I reached important conclusions without overwhelming weight of proof in support thereof.  Even so, the Church never was — nor is it now — about any one man.  For there is no child of the Prophet: there are, rather, children of the Prophet, and these children are all as vital as any ever were or ever shall be.

Our particular religious and ideological fold of the sacred doctrine and ritual of the Mysteries of Thelema, our Holy Thelemic Church, came about not to venerate or even uplift the child of the Prophet, but to provide a new vehicle of interpretation of the Law of Thelema, well-guided and inspired, in ways both subtle and mundane, by the first Oracles of the New Aeon, i.e. the Scarlet Women, especially Sor.’.Alostrael, whose words we regard with great care and interest, what little we yet possess.  And this was our Great Work, which did not fully come to fruition until 1991-92 (i.e., starting in 1991 E.V., with special consecration on February 22nd, 1992 E.V., and then at last, final foundation at the Summer Solstice of the same year, which was the very date portended to us by the Superior Intelligence with whom Sor.’.Anadra communicated months earlier, informing us to “count 120 days” as a sign of signs.  And so it was, as none of us could have guessed in our wildest escapade of imagination, not merely for the fact that, as it turned out, once we counted it out on a calendar, we found to our surprise that it was the birthday of Sor.’.Anadra, but because, in actual fact, February 22nd was not other than the date on which, in 1975 E.V., our Matron Saint, Alostrael, celebrated her Greater Feast, dying of natural causes at 6:15 that morning.  I went on, years later in 1997 E.V., the 93rd Year of the Age, to enjoy an epiphany wherein I was given the name Aleisterion (a sort of combination of Aleister and Hilarion, oddly enough); but I was also directed, in that epiphany, to pursue the inkling therein granted me, that my true spiritual Matron and benefactor of inspired genius was “the Ape”, and that further, she had lived long enough to have passed on her blessing, after a certain subtle manner — not necessarily in the way that Crowley was known to have done — perhaps even as Anadra herself did years later, in 1992 E.V., when she copulated mystically with “The Beast”, Aiwass.

This hint of the revelation of a further sign was something I looked desperately to confirm or to deny, with absolute certainty, so that there would be a definite resolution of the matter one way or the other.  Such confirmation arrived at last, owing to the efforts of Sor.’.Aliana, who took the place of Anadra many years after the latter went her own way — as predicted, by the way, in the ’92 working, wherein one of the five Masters instructing Anadra happened to remark that she would likely serve but for a season, but another was being prepared.  She established real confirmation from the Hirsig family that we were right: Leah Hirsig died not in the 1950s as was assumed, but in 1975 E.V., in Switzerland.  It was sometime after the 1960s, we were informed, that Hirsig relocated from New York, the place of my birth, back to the land of her birth.  Aliana has since achieved a loftier Attainment in the Gnosis of the Will of Holy Genius, and as a consequence has shifted around the formula of her former name, taking the name Alania (Ah-LA-nia).  (Its value, of course, remains the same: 93 in Hebrew and Greek.)  Fra.’.Achad reversed his formula, too, when he achieved his epiphany of mystical Attainment of Supernal Genius; and I did the same, with my early names, in homage to him.  Whereas others, who for whatever reason choose to regard the limited view of the man Aleister Crowley above all —  in spite of the fact that he was burdened at times with a measure of “ill will” and that we are warned about this very thing in Liber Legis itself — have taken Crowley’s advice and shunned Jones as a “centre of pestilence”, I have found great appreciation and profound meaning and enlightenment in his Qabalistic system as well as in some of his insights into Liber Legis and other matters.  Crowley was not the final Authority on this earth in matters Thelemic, and neither was the Scarlet Woman, in whom all power is given: for the final Authority rests with Aiwass; and who is to say that Aiwass cannot manifest Its will in the bodies and minds of Its children — through the very Genius of their own Greater Selves, the Augoeides, the Shining Star at the crown of every man and every woman?  There is, after all, circumstantial evidence to suggest that H.P.Blavatsky actually acted in some manner with the Genius of the New Aeon; and the note on which she sent her blessing, to explain that she had a “great labour to perform” in order to excuse her postponing of a meeting of the newly-nascent Theosophical Society, which came on Tuesday, October 12th, 1875 E.V. — the date of the birth of the Prophet — bore the strange word Ablanathalba, an earlier form of Abrahadabra, the Word of the Aeon as it was later given through Crowley.  If such was the case — if, that is, our tradition draws not from any mere woman or man but from a Greater Intelligence of which we are normally unaware but which we can, in our rarest moments of full Realization of the Gnosis of Genius, in small ways occasionally come to glimpse — then it can continue to enlighten and uplift humanity through its chosen among mankind, to no end of unfolding beauty and joy in the unlimited knowledge of the unfragmentary Mind of God in man.  If not, if it ends with the life of a man on this planet, then the Author of the Message of the Law must have lied to us:  for it was That, and none other, that promised the coming of others who would expound what was not known, delivering the glad word of Thelema, following in the tradition of “the love of Nu in the star-lit heaven”, i.e., the Scarlet Tradition, that of the Oracle of Heaven, the Scarlet Woman, in whom is vested all spiritual power.

I am not the child of the Prophet, but just one of many that were, are, and shall come to be, not of any expected house or lineage but from no expected house, being self-trained, having followed the instructions of the Prophet to the letter, taking great pains to study his every word as it was my fortune and happiness to uncover — what I have been so blessed to receive, in more ways than one.  It was the man, Aleister Crowley, that penned the Tunis Comment decades after the Revelation of Liber L, just as it was the same man who, for the most part, wrote the Law itself.  But to what end? and with what meaning?  Aiwass has, at every turn, been subtle in his approach, not always saying outright exactly what It means, and It has been proved correct time and again after long periods following the writing of the Revelation, and not according to any interpretation of prophecy that leaves anything to be desired, but in ways that astound them that are given to discern, to know, and at length, to understand.

The Tunis Comment is not adhered to in any strictly literal fashion by the majority of Thelemites, as is obvious by the fact that so many of them engage in so much discussion of the Law, so very often, including those at the highest levels. These stewards of the Holy Law, who have excelled in their promotion and devotion to the Law, and whose actions are, I know, rooted solidly in the will to preserve the integrity of the Law and its tradition, have nonetheless, in their zeal, taken it upon themselves to adhere to and even establish certain policies that could ultimately threaten to divide, and thereby, to possibly endanger, the Thelemic Mission itself.  This is no low blow against them: it is statement of fact, as I have myself been given to understand, that theirs is the Law, and that it is theirs — and theirs alone — to proclaim, expound, and promote.  To proceed in such a manner, to give, teach, and celebrate the Holy Law as we are enjoined by that very Law to do, could lead to consequences of legal retribution.  There was, I was counseled, a way around this: that is, to use the pre-copyright editions of The Book of the Law, of which there was one intended for publication in 1907 E.V. that survives in galley proofs, and another that was published in 1912 E.V., in The Equinox.  Even so, it should not be this way.  We are of the Law; we do our will.

But I refuse to attack my brothers and sisters.  It is not my will.  Those that love the Law, who attack us out of love for the Law, fearing for the Law, as though the Law were under threat by our advancement of a point of doctrine that differs slightly from their own, need only remember the counsel of the Prophet himself, in Magick Without Tears, wherein he cautions against fear.  For fear can easily enslave the minds of men, warping their logic to extreme positions of fundamentalistic madness, leading away from the Law, which is founded firmly on love, not on hatred.  I am not, of course, suggesting that such is currently the case — nor would I even imagine it yet possible — but I only bring all this up in an attempt to reach out in fellowship to all lineages of the O.T.O. and A.’.A.’. traditions, seeing some value in all of them, seeing no evidence of gross error in any of them.  It is my hope that, if they will insist on shunning us as if we were Contagion, they will at least refrain from hostility, legal or otherwise, and avoid any attempts to destroy our work.  In time, if all goes just right, our paths may unite, and when that time arrives, it may be that sectarianism will fail to work its cancerous way through the Thelemic communities as it once did through the body of Christ in the Osirian Era, an event that led to the torture and death of countless innocents, including women and children.  The real enemy, the real threat to Thelemic liberty and justice, is not your initiated brother or sister, whose perspective on the Law just so happens to vary slightly from your own: it is, rather, the extremism of theism, threatening as it does to enslave and possibly even annihilate the whole human race, that is the true foe.

So it is that — as I prepare to release the first in a series of a body of work that has the potential, once utilized, to ultimately bring about the full establishment of the Law among the nations of the world, as the Prophet envisioned — I must respond to inquiries focused on the reason for a separate Church in the Thelemic community.  For this is often asked of me: why bother to found such a thing, as it could well lead to the very sectarianism against which I warn?  What is the point?  Are there not enough churches?  What makes this one unique?

Beyond the minor differences in doctrine, of course, there is the far more important point to the whole thing, the very inspiration that compelled the three of us — Anadra, Aurum, and myself — as it were an idea like fire from out of heaven: the idea that a new formula might be devised and applied to the traditional, patriarchally-based formulae of the Old Age of death and resurrection, one of love and rebirth instead, that is to say, of lust and of life, to make for a New Aeon formula of Initiation.  We attempted this, devising an order of Initiation to which we referred as Temple Order Teitanas, with a complex system that complemented the Prophet’s solar-based devices with lunar-oriented ones, to pay homage to Babalon as well as to the Beast of Heaven, balancing Crowley’s Leo with the Scarlet Woman’s Aquarius.  We wanted to reflect this in every way: with female Thelemic Saints to complement the males; with a formula of Initiation designed for the sisterhood that was completely different from that of the brethren; and to revere not just the solar-phallus, but also the lunar-vulva — i.e., to worship the Genius of the Oracle of Heaven in women as much as that of the Apostle to the Stars in men.  For truly, “the Law is for all”.

The Holy Thelemic Church is still newly-nascent, having just been restored in 2008 E.V., at the Vernal Equinox of that year, when a few of us from the old order got back together and gave it another go.  A good friend and brother from that early time, who came to serve as the early fellowship’s very first Grand Minister, corresponding with the Kaaba (what we now reference as the Apostolic Ministry) in those seemingly ancient times not with the great convenience of email and social media but by torturous snail mail, with whom I had been disconnected for all those many long years, miraculously returned to my side and renewed my enthusiasm for the first time in a long time.  This wonderful and talented individual, who eventually took the name Fra.’.121, was responsible for stirring me to action at a critical moment.  Without his intervention at that time, the Holy Thelemic Church would not have come about at all.  And so I thank him ever so much for his loyal and devoted service in the Grand Ministry.  Both Alania and I will miss him greatly; but we understand that he needs to go his own way now, and we are glad for his newfound happiness, wishing him and Sor.’.Heartfire all the best in all that they do.

Now then, as for the matter of the Acta Apostolicae.  Up until recently, I had planned to release the writing of Liber Exegesis, The Law Unveiled, which was written, almost to perfection, during my retirement over the course of this past year.  Alas, I am now convinced, for reasons I cannot expound here, that it is not yet the time to take such action.  It has to wait until the Equinox.  First, I will release Parts I and II of Acta Apostolicae Ad Astra (or Four A’s for short), dealing with the Church and its matters of Holy Law.  This is forthcoming soon, around the Summer Solstice.  The first Part gives the Law itself; the second examines The Rule of the Law for the Church.  In all there are eleven Parts to Volume I of the Acta Apostolicae, all dealing with matters of Holy Law in regards to the Church and its family of initiates and lay-associates.  Part III, entitled The Rite of the Law, gives the reformed Thelemic system of initiation and celebration, balancing Crowley’s traditions with traditions that do honor to the Scarlet Woman and to Babalon, the universal feminine, as well.  It should come out with the fourth Part, at the Autumnal Equinox, at which time we will unveil Exegesis.  The others in the series will follow thereafter, around the Winter Solstice, and then finishing next year at the Vernal Equinox with the last of the expositions, dealing with doctrines, traditions, the Qabalah, as well as various other vital matters.

Next year, I predict, will be a huge one — not just for the few of us in the Church, but for the world.  We will hold our heads high amidst the turmoil; we will hold our torches aloft with pride and strength of will against the forces of confusion that run rampant in a crumbling civilization of lost souls; and we will turn not back for any!

These are glad times, no matter the sadness around us: for from the seed of our dedication, with much strong will and a bit of good fortune in the face of tremendous adversity in somewhat dark and difficult times, it is always to be remembered that we have this great promise: “There is success”.

“Love is the law, love under will.”




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