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“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”

The success of the mission of this Church is of paramount importance to the destiny of the entire human race.  It may hardly seem so now, at this early juncture, at a point when the Church consists of a mere few, with its very Apostolic Ministry always teetering on the edge of financial collapse, but such has been the case with all great movements which started out small and weak and ended up large and powerful.  Mohammed started out driving camels for a meager living; Moses had his fold forsake him for a time, owing to their frustration with his seemingly impossible mission, in favor of a golden calf; and Jesus, of course, was betrayed by his own people, who insisted that he be crucified in place of a convicted murderer — and his movement had to endure three centuries of persecution before it could grow into anything at all significant.  Of course, ours is no religion akin to any of these, being an atheological religion — i.e. one that cultivates and worships the Genius of the greater ego of man instead of an imagined objective personal deity of some sort.  Yet it is precisely this form of religious approach, which springs from the secret doctrine veiled within The Book of the Law, that is certain not to overthrow theistic religion — surely an impossible task — but rather to revolutionize the same, leading to the reformation of all theistic religions to conform to the doctrine of the New Law of the Era of the Will of Man (not God), for the welfare of humanity and the salvation thereof from the global holocaust which extremist theistic cults, if thus unreformed, are bound to bring to mankind.

The word religion quite naturally rubs many (especially the highly educated, and those free of the obsession of theistic extremism) in all the wrong ways.  We get it.  Atheists would surely be most likely to reject our movement merely for the very reason that ours is a Church that espouses a religious approach, in spite of the fact that this approach is centered not on God but on the celebration of the natural state of man and his potential for Genius.  Yet it is such an approach, and such an approach alone, that shall keep the madness of religious extremism from eventually overtaking the nations, robbing its peoples of their free will, and ultimately wiping out civilization altogether, swept up as such extremists are in the passion of eschatological insanity.  Reason alone can never win over zealous minds, as it lacks appeal for those whose aesthetic love for their respective religions exceeds all things.  We can only win over the minds of extremists, away from the self-defeating madness favoring an impossible spiritual ideal against the natural Genius of man, towards the realization of man’s own inherent divinity instead, by appealing to this aesthetic love out of which all their zealous passion derives, and reconstituting their respective systems to make them helpful, and not hurtful, to humanity in so many different ways.

The basic premise of theistic religion, in most cases, is that man is hopelessly mired in, and helplessly enslaved to, a corrupt natural state, and that the material world in which he lives — in which he suffers pain and death — is a revolting temporary prison from which he hopes to be redeemed to an imaginary spiritual paradise.  His material condition, subject to suffering, is deemed base and evil, therefore its natural ways are considered vile and sinful, leading away from the salvation they imagine would direct the afterlife consciousness to redemption in the union with a personal spiritual God thought of as being free of such a condition with all its natural tendencies.  As a consequence of this errant logic, the extremist views the world and even its inhabitants as ultimately dispensable, being as they are (per their warped logic) separate from the imagined perfection of the divine nature.

In our view, on the other hand, the natural state is not imperfect, the world is sacred, and all living beings partake of the divine essence (the evidence for this being the manifestation of Genius in man, and in the potential for animals to evolve as humans did to a level of higher intelligence).  Not only, therefore, is our religious approach in accord with science, but it is also most sensible, founded as it is not on a fantastic ideal but on empirical knowledge.  For that reason, and for its potential to redeem humanity from an otherwise irrevocable devastating error by its overarching methodology adaptable to all religious approaches, it is of inestimable value to us all.  As it is written in The Book of the Law:  “the Law is for all”.

Our religion, that of atheological Thelema, begins with the premise that human suffering is not evidence of separation from God at all, but is merely a requirement if its opposite, the appreciation of pleasure and the joy thereof, is to be realized.  In order to experience a caress, in other words, one must also be subject to a crash.  It is simple and irrefutable logic: the impersonal divine consciousness divides itself into countless points of individual realization, in all animal life, for the appreciation of joy, of beauty, of love, and of happiness; and in order for that to be, it must also subject itself totally to misfortune and pain.  There simply is no other way.  What this means, of course, is that all Prophets have been to some extent slightly misguided, even though their epiphany was of the same Genius that inspires us now.  The inspiration of religious epiphany is valid, but it filters through the lens — always to some extent clouded by faulty perception or knowledge — of human thought and interpretation, which is never infallible (in spite of what the pope may claim).  We do, therefore, respect and value the epiphany of Genius that manifested in all Prophets, while denying that their respective views were inviolable and their teachings beyond reproach.  In this way, too, we can, over the course of time, through the successful promulgation of our atheology, rescue the world from dangerous religious extremism.

It is not to be assumed, at any rate, that this Church is held to be the exclusive path to salvation of any kind at odds with, or in competition with, any other similar institution.  It can lead its members to enlightenment, provided they are not misguided, uneducated, possessed of inferior motives, or obsessed with superstitious ideas.  But it is not the only way to enlightenment.  Of course, there are various levels of enlightenment.  This Church, while of the greatest value to the future of humanity in the long run, for its atheological perspective alone, is nonetheless but one of many of the houses of the holy.  It is primarily a vehicle for atheology; but it is also a community of Thelemites, in which Thelemites of all persuasions may unite without discord, provided that they are willing to do so.  They are all free to utilize its Sacerdotal methodology, should they will — though they become official representatives strictly by invitation only — but they are also free to avoid doing so, if not so inclined, and may abide in the laity instead.  What we provide for the Thelemic community is a vehicle of communion for Thelemites to celebrate the Genius of humanity, to commemorate the Genius of Thelemic Saints (male and female) and that of Geniuses from all branches of art, literature, science, and religious epiphany, across all the ages of man.  And what we contribute to that community is a fresh, new insight into the Law of Thelema — an atheological insight, which unlocks the innermost adytum of the key truth thereof.

It was recently impressed upon me that it would be in the best interest of the Church if we avoided the pitfall of a cult of personality by skirting the issue of the Child of the Prophet.  I believe that I have done this by pointing out previously that all enlightened men and women are the Children of the Prophet — that is to say, Children of the Genius of the Aeons (or of that Genius which informed the Prophet of the Thelemic Age, as it also informed — in some measure — every Prophet and Oracle, male and female, from every era).  It is a fact not commonly known that the praeterhuman Genius that drove the Prophet and the Scarlet Women had not merely one but numerous such mystical Children:  we know this from the diaries of Leah Hirsig.  (Her entry for October 2nd, 1924 e.v. lists not only C.S. Jones but also John Wilson Navin Sullivan, Raoul Loveday, Norman Mudd, Helen Hollis, Ninette Shumway, and Scarlet Woman Dorothy Olsen, as magical Children; and she would surely know.)  But again (it simply cannot be overstated), no Prophet, great or small, is infallible, no matter how enlightened he or she is; and so no institution, however well-guided or how well-meaning, is beyond error or corruption.  And no mission thereof, no matter how critical at a given point in time, is of paramount importance at all points in time.  Thus, it would be foolish of us — or of any institution — to cling like sticks in the mud to any given dogma or tradition, resistant to change in the face of truth or to the changing needs of evolving man.  Is not the law made for the benefit of man, and not man for the law?  No law or plan, however vital to the needs of the moment, is absolute and final for all time.  Sticklers for outworn tradition are ultimately forsaken by the Current of Genius which originally informed and inspired them, just as those species in nature which survive are not those that are strongest in their resistance to change, but those that adapt best to it.

I am not so special.  I am worthy of no praise or even admiration for the work I do.  I do what I do because I am sworn to do it, and because I have to do it, for the rectification of mistakes made prior to this life.  It is not to be assumed that I believe — as so many “beasties” mistakenly do — that I was the Prophet of Thelema in a previous incarnation: I most certainly do not believe that I was any Thelemic Saint or Prophet in any previous lifetime.  Aleister Crowley is, I believe, dead and gone.  He is not incarnate in this world, in my opinion, nor will he be anytime soon.  Of course, I could well be wrong in such an assumption, but it is my conviction that he is no longer with us and intends to keep it that way for however long.  So it should be well understood that I require nobody’s obedience or respect.  I am simply doing what I must do, for the betterment of all men and women, for their liberation in the Law of the Holy Supernal Will of man’s own greater Genius.  My own will is completely self-serving, not because the path on which I travel is of any personal benefit –it most definitely is not –but owing to the fact that it sets right my own previous mistakes, which need not be divulged here (nor elsewhere for that matter).  Time and again I have left this work in order to pursue more personally-rewarding endeavors, only to be dragged back kicking and screaming to this frustrating and thankless toil of what almost always seems to amount to head-banging against a dead-end wall.  I hardly believe, as some have intimated privately, that I will see a successful conclusion to this work in my own lifetime.  I would prefer it to be so, not for myself personally but for the opportunities it would provide for me to exercise other talents in my possession; but it is not necessary or the least bit expected.  I would much rather devote myself to my chief joys in life: the writing of novels and screenplays (I have several partly done now), and the production of art (I used to draw and paint in my youth but now I work almost exclusively in digital art).  But I have my duty, and that most certainly takes priority over mere mundane want.

The lust of result is always the bane of any inspired or impassioned but frustrated worker.  All things do, after all, collapse with time.  It is of utmost import to humanity that we do succeed in this particular mission, but it is, over the whole vast scheme of time, not really anymore important than the weaving of a spider’s web.  It is a construction of beauty, and a wondrous device of great practical value — for a time at least; but the winds of change shall surely blow it away one day, and nothing whatever will remain of it.  Even so, the web must be woven, and once it is done, the spider certainly expects no applause.

No matter what happens to its founders (the members of its Apostolic Ministry), the Holy Thelemic Church is destined to live on and prosper, its enlightened and gifted members spreading its glad word far and wide, working hard (however they will) to promote its unique doctrine of atheology, and celebrating Genius wherever it exists.  Who is to say what tree shall one day emerge from seeds planted today, or what fruit it will eventually bring forth?  From what I have been given to see, such fruit shall someday be to the great delight of all seated at the table of the Feast of the Gods, partaking of the Gnosis of Apotheosis, who are informed thereby with the Holy Spirit of Atheos (or No God).

Soror Alania (the Oracle of the Apostolic Ministry) and I will be going offline again soon, unfortunately, owing to problems that need not be mentioned here.  It is most unfortunate that it will keep me from writing in any capacity, and from releasing the Acta Apostolicae volume that is now nearly completed.  This is not to say that the work will never come.  However dark the night, there is certainty that the sun will arise:  so it is equally certain that events will bring about a brighter future.  The Scarlet Dawn shall come, and it when it does it will bring a baptism not of the blood of death but of rebirth unto a better tomorrow for all mankind.

The Church hopes to have a new Grand Minister in place very soon.  I will make the announcement as soon as it is verified.  We are taking no new members until the Autumnal Equinox, and by then I hope to return (though it is hardly certain at this time).  In the meantime, rejoice! for the revelation that began over a century ago in Cairo continues to unfold today, in ways seen and unseen, and its glorious truth shall lead all in time to the Apotheosis of Atheosis, and to the ongoing regeneration of the earth in the Law of Do what thou wilt.

93 be with ye.

“Love is the law, love under will.”




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Charles Stansfeld Jones, a.k.a. Fra.’.Achad, 777

1886 – 1950

1st Child of the Prophet




achad lamen

Achad’s Lamen

achad pentacle

Achad’s Pantacle


Achad’s Oath as a Probationer

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