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Eleven Quotes from Alostrael


1.” I am Babalon, The Great Mother, the Mother of the Children of the New Aeon, the Aeon of Horus! I die in giving birth to my children. But I shall live again!”


2. “You cannot take the injunctions literally (not yet) and all will come in time.”


3. “Also, I object to the term “The Gods” – it should be “Gods” which means Thelemites. We need to break away from all old superstitions, etc. etc., and work in the clear light of Ra-Hoor-Khuit”


4. “Unless you break the rules ‘right’ you won’t get anything to happen. Broken rules now mean getting rid of all the old rituals, etc. etc., magical weapons, etc. etc., and complete new system.”


5. “There is really only one answer for all the questions. WORK! WORK without lust of result!”


6. “I shall develop my own path.”


7. “Babalon is risen and the children of the New Aeon live and will thrive!”


8. “You will rejoice, God that you are.”


9. “Alostrael, Babalon, The Scarlet Woman, lives forever. Leah Hirsig dies but then I never knew her.”


10. “I die happy to produce a Magical Son. The Aeon of Horus is established.”


11. “Understand that you are not to think that Aleister Crowley deserted me. He did not. He liberated me.”


From the diaries of Leah Hirsig


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