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Charles Stansfeld Jones, a.k.a. Fra.’.Achad, 777

1886 – 1950

1st Child of the Prophet




achad lamen

Achad’s Lamen

achad pentacle

Achad’s Pantacle


Achad’s Oath as a Probationer

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“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”

Charles Stansfeld Jones, a.k.a. Frater Achad (among other Thelemic names/Mottoes), was one of the most significant Saints of the Thelemic Age, whose attainment on this date in 1916 era vulgari (“common era”) — that of Magister Templi — led to his realization of AL (Hebrew for “God”) and 31 (the value of AL in Hebrew and Greek) as the Key of the Law of Thelema: i.e., that the Hidden Will of the Supernal Genius of Man, to be attained through much ordeal of hard work and earnest aspiration,  is not less than divine.  He recanted his rash assumption that he had surpassed the Master in Attainment, just as, many years later, he would come to recant his claim that he had ushered in the Aeon of Maat.  The following excerpt from his Liber 31 recounts this significant event:

“When I proclaimed my intention of claiming the Grade of 8=3 or Master of the Temple, on June 21st 1916 in the City of North Vancouver, British Columbia, I did so because I thought that the Master Therion needed NEMO to fill that Office in order that He might fully attain His 9=2.  The details of the Initiation which followed are recorded in another place, but here I would state that, having ‘died’ and, as it were, Reincarnated immediately in the same body, and having given up all, even the Master Therion, I was led of the Spirit during a stay at Grantham’s Landing, so that it appeared to me that on June 22nd 1916 I was NEMO 8=3…”

The attainment took place exactly nine months following a tantric working involving Crowley and the Scarlet Woman, Jeanne Robert Foster, a.k.a. Soror Hilarion, with the objective of producing a child.  Not a physical child, as it eventually turned out, but a sort of mystical one, manifesting an aspect of the Genius of the Aeon in the enlightened will of a Thelemic Apostle.  The disciple had, by subtle means, become the Master of the Temple.  The suggestion that he then fell, through presumption, is ludicrous, for he took back his more exalted claims.  And Crowley’s attack on Jones’ Qabalistic ideas was equally baseless.  The reversal of the Serpent of Wisdom is hardly an original idea, having been utilized long ago; but anyway, this reversal leads to extraordinary insights into the Qabalistic Tree of Life.  The final straw for Crowley, the real reason he separated with Jones once and for all, was owing to lost books that he wrongly assumed Jones had stolen from him: they were found decades later, after both men were dead, in a Detroit warehouse.  Jones had been innocent.  Had Crowley known this, had the books been found much sooner, then his actions may well have been different.


Jeanne Robert Foster, Soror Hilarion, who went on to become a renowned poet.


Some of Jones’ ideas, with regard to Liber Legis especially, are of merit, although he did not satisfactorily resolve the problem of L II:75-6.  The work of this important Thelemic Saint, published and unpublished, is well worth looking into.

“Love is the law, love under will.”




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Charles Stansfeld Jones, Thelemic Saint.

(Artwork by Fra.’.121)

Born on this day in 1886 E.V., C.S. Jones, or Frater Achad (Hebrew for “Unity”), was one of the giants, not at all the failure that he is painted as in certain quarters these days.

Achad’s Thelemic career began promisingly enough.   After a few years working in the exterior sanctuary of Aleister Crowley’s mystico-magical Order, he experienced a profound epiphany that originated with the Supernal Union of Beast and Babalon via their terrestrial avatars of the time — namely Crowley and Jeanne Robert Foster, aka Soror Hilarion, the third woman to hold the Holy Office of Scarlet Woman.   This epiphany led him to the discovery of Aleph-Lamed as the Key of the Law of Thelema — vide Liber 31, in which he expounds on this and more.   His presentation of his case in Liber 31 compelled Crowley to accept Achad’s epiphany as genuine, and to admit him to the Grade of Magister Templi — an unthinkable accomplishment for a mere Neophyte.

Later, of course, Crowley and Jones separated.   The source of the problem originated with a misplaced suspicion on Crowley’s part.   He mistakenly accused Jones of stealing a storage of books that did finally turn up many years later;  Jones was innocent.   But Crowley also disapproved of Achad’s reformation of the Qabalistic Tree of Life, and was highly critical of the works he came to write.   Yet such disapproval is as unwarranted as his suspicion was, as any meticulous initiated analysis of Jones’ Qabalistic revision should make clear.   We can only conclude that the Prophet was personally biased in his rash dismissal of Achad’s inversion of the paths of the Qabalistic Tree.

One of the differences between Thelemic religion and archaic religions is that it doesn’t deem its prophets to be infallible.   Crowley was only human, and the only logical thing is to accept that, and not take his pronouncements as absolute Truth, but rather as a generally reliable yet flawed guide — particularly in light of Liber Legis, ch.1 v.56 (addressing the Prophet):   “thou hast all in the clear light, and some, though not all, in the dark.”

Achad’s Reformed Qabalistic Tree of Life

Following his break with Crowley, Jones rebelled against his former teacher and denounced Aiwass.   He is mocked in some circles for having gone on to proclaim a new Age of Maat years later;  but in a letter dated 1948 E.V., he wrote:   “I may well have been over optimistic in thinking that the Aeon of Truth and Justice is very near at hand.”  Those who discredit him on the assumption that he was out of his right mind simply fail to grasp the whole picture.

What may be even more interesting is a quote of his from the very same letter:

“The Scientific Illuminism of the A:.A:. must continue.   The System of Initiation came to an end with the Aeon of Horus, but must be revised and continue according to New Aeon lines.”

This is exactly the kind of observation that Leah Hirsig made in her 1924 diaries (see A Tribute to Leah Hirsig, in the Library section of the sidebar of this blog).   Such a reformation of the Hierophantic system — streamlining the mystico-magical system propounded by Crowley in The Equinox and Book 4 — is now being worked out by the Ministers of the HTC.

For some of the writings of Frater Achad and more — including some nice images– see the site set up by G.’.M.’.121:


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