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(Animated Art by Aleisterion)

Click on image to view animation.

I’ve shared this one before, but not as animation.  It is my personal vision of Aiwaz.

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Visita Interiora Terrae:  Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem Veram Medicinam

(Animated Art by Aleisterion)

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“Visit the Interior Parts of the Earth: By Rectification Thou Shalt Find the Hidden Stone, the True Medicine”.  This piece represents the Hierophantic Mission: in this Aeon of God-in-Man, the Hierophantic Figure is depicted as twofold — the Androgyne — illustrating that God is not One, i.e. existing apart from imperfection, but is rather bound up eternally in duality;  it also indicates that God is both female and male in the terrestrial sphere, or negative and positive on the cosmic level.  “God” is not a “thing”, but is instead the infinite and the infinitesimal, matter and force, passive and active, inertia and action, Without and Within, the Mystical and the Magical, Shivadarshana and Atmadarshana, ecstasy and energy, dissolution and solution, expiration and inspiration, the path of least resistance and the momentum of unstoppable force, and the passionate attraction of opposites.  Thus to accomplish the Great Work, to achieve the Hidden Stone, one must perform the Alchemical Work of Love and Lust, in Sanctity of Blasphemy, and unite thereby God and Beast with a Supreme Act of Holy Will, or Thelema.

Crowning all, the Star Sapphire represents Kether, the Unity of the two lower Supernals (i.e. Binah, the Feminine Understanding, and Chokmah, the Masculine Wisdom) which are Themselves signified by the Lapis Lazuli and the Jasper, respectively.  Finally, the Star Ruby, which radiates the Flame of Ra through the Mystical Blood of Eternal Remembrance poured out of the Cup of Babalon, is in the place of Tiphareth: it is the Next Step, the Attainment of the Hidden Will, the Augoeides, or the Secret Genius.

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Raoul Loveday, Thelemic Saint.

(Artwork by Fra.’.121.)

Frederick Charles Loveday (commonly known as Raoul Loveday) died on February 16th, 1923 e.v., from drinking contaminated stream water nearby the Abbey of Thelema in Cefalu, Sicily.  His was the first Thelemic funeral of the New Aeon, conducted of course by Aleister Crowley, in spite of the fact that he was also very ill at the time.

Raoul Loveday was so much more than just an unfortunate disciple.  Leah Hirsig, the sixth Scarlet Woman, equal to the Prince-Priest in Thelemic authority and greater in power (vide L, 1:15), wrote in her diary (vide entry for Oct.2nd, 1924) that Loveday was her first magical child.  Crowley himself wrote the following of Loveday, aka Fra.’.Aud, in The Confessions of Aleister Crowley (pp.904-5):

“A brilliant boy, just down from Oxford, where he had distinguished himself by his attainments in history, had long wished to meet me.  For over two years, he had studied my magical writings with the utmost enthusiasm and intelligence.  His character was extarordinary.  He possessed every qualification for becoming a Magician of the first rank.  I designed him from the first interview to be my magical heir….This was the man I had needed for the last ten years, a man with every gift that a Magus might need, and already prepared for initiation by practically complete knowledge, not only of the elements but of the essence of Magick.”

Just a year prior to his death, Raoul Loveday had the following poem published in Oxford Poetry, 1922.  It was a grim portent of the ill fate to come.


“SING now of London
At fall of dusk;
A summer dragonfly-
Crept from the husk.
Dragonfly, on whose wing
Run golden wires;
So, down a street pavement,
Lamps throw their fires.
Dragonfly, whose wing is pricked
By many a spark;
Electric eyes of taxis
Bright through the dark.

Dragonfly, whose life is
Cold and brief as dew,
Drone now for London dusk,
Soon dead too.”

Dead, but not forgotten.  We remember Raoul Loveday, Thelemic Saint, whose great destiny was not cancelled but merely postponed awhile.

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AL-LAM, Thelemic Iconography by Fra.’. CXXI, conceived and touched up by Fra.’. Aleisterion.  It is based on a vision.  AL-LAM is a fusion of TO MEGA THERION and LAM.

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