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“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”

As has been announced on our social media, the Holy Thelemic Church is under reformation. Its Apostolic Ministry will shortly be issuing a full and clear delineation of the new aims, work, and tradition of the Church. The changes are dramatic, but necessary; and the reason for the transition will be fully explained therein. Suffice to say here, in brief, that the change is an inspired one that has the Apostolic Ministry very excited indeed. The Church is successfully spreading its message far and wide, and is drawing in a great many from near and far — but we have only just begun our Great Work.

Even so, we need to make a simple declaration first, before unloading such an extensive and detailed exegesis, so as to clarify what we are about.

1. The Church is no longer to function as a training organization. Its primary line of work will be the promulgation of the Law of Thelema, not merely as a new religion but as an ideological and overarching religious Law that encompasses all religious approaches, assimilating the same. It is to be divided into three sections: secular (for those preferring no religious approach), spiritual (for those of any given religious persuasion, but adapting the same to Thelemic Law), and the sacrorum (for those who prefer a purely Thelemic religious practice). All will be accepted, regardless of whether they are atheistic, Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Pagan, or what have you. As long as Thelemic Law is accepted and applied, none is excluded.

2. The secondary line of work, equally vital, is to be the transmission of the Thelemic Current of subtle force to all humanity. This line of work will be strictly for those willing to do it, and how they go about it is their choice to make. In fact, there will be no reporting to anyone. What you do is your business. All that is important is that you accept Thelemic Law and work as you will, however you are gifted to do, not to further our institution over any others but to spread the glad word of Thelema.

3. The Church is in competition with none. We solicit no donations; demand no fees; require no personal information; ask nothing of anyone (except acceptance of Thelemic Law); dictate to no one; and set no tyrannical rules.

4. There is no hierarchy. Even the Apostolic Ministry exists but to serve the mission of the Church, never to preside or rule in any way.

5. The Ministry of the Church shall propound and even expound Thelemic Law, but will never seek to force any interpretation on others. Even the Apostolic Ministry works only as a guiding light that none of its members must accept. Of course there are obvious violations of Thelemic Law — e.g. binding others against their will, or sacrificing children, or gross criminal misconduct (to cite extreme examples); but we are not here to enforce them.

Finally, it should be understood that the Apostolic Ministry of the Church is no final authority. Again, we are simply putting out a message, without expectation of acceptance or approval. Our work is to provide neither a social network nor an authoritarian regime, but a vehicle by which a body of Thelemic tradition may be carried on; with which the subtle seeds of Thelemic inspiration may be planted among men and women everywhere; and through which Thelemic Law may be cultivated across all nations, advocating freedom from vile restriction and an end to xenophobia and tribal/cultural limitation.

Our work is for the betterment of humanity, not because it is ours to be altruistic, but because we wish for a better world for ourselves and our loved ones.

“Love is the law, love under will.”




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